Antoine Maurice Roussety, Using Adversity as Inspiration for Success

Most successful people we imagine, probably had privileged upbringings, with solid educations, little friction in their adolescence, and smooth path to the top.  However, we have even more respect for those who have defied the odds and the circumstances of their upbringing, to become the successes they are today. Maurice Roussety is one of Australia’s most prolific business consultants, with his reputation spreading nationwide. He is a Doctor of Economics, with an academic insight into the workings of modern business. However, it wasn’t always easy for Maurice Roussety. He defied a difficult upbringing to reach where he has landed today.

Find out more about his subjects of interest and expertise by following the link in bold here to Dr. Maurice Roussety, What Globalization Has Done to Business. Maurice Roussety was born in Mauritius, and was around three years of age, in full leg braces suffering from polio, when his father died, after an agonizing three-year stint in a wheel chair, paralyzed by a severe stroke. His mother then a still young beautiful wife faced the impossible responsibility of bringing up his two elder sisters and him alone.

Whilst life in Mauritius was difficult for young Maurice, there were some find memories he still cherishes. He has vivid and fond memories of playing soccer with friends on the gravel road outside his house, being selected as school captain for three years in a row, captaining the soccer team to a historic inter-school victory and of course the relentless and unconditional love and affection of his mum and two sisters.

At school, Maurice Roussety was always in the top five students. Scholastic achievement was a very important goal back home as it was seen as a passport to a better life for oneself and the family. He always studied hard and achieved, but was always happier when he could see the smile on his family’s faces not necessarily the pat on the back and the certificate from the headmaster.

Maurice Roussety had to work hard, he had to succeed, and he had to surpass all odds just as his mum was doing for her children. With all that happening around him, he subconsciously took on the role of his father. He now appointed himself to do all things that he would have done had he been alive. Find out more about his life and career here at Dr Maurice Roussety, Life Lessons from a Different Childhood.

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