Dr. Maurice Roussety, How Technology Has Change Business

Arguably the most influential advancement that humanity has experienced in the last few decades is in communication. Recent advances in science and technology have allowed individuals to communicate in ways like never before. The internet was the primary motivator for this rapid change in our society because it allowed people to communicate almost instantaneously, regardless of geographical location. As the use of the internet has spread, it has permeated all aspects of life, not just our personal sides. Professionally, companies and individuals have benefited from the ease of communication that the internet and other smart phones have allowed. This has completely changed the face of international business, leading to rapid growth and an unbelievable amount of competition.

For Dr. Maurice Roussety, preparing businesses for globalization is something that he focuses on as both a business professional and an academic. He has a Masters of Business Administration as well as a Master of Leadership from the University of New English in New South Wales. He also holds a Ph.D. in Intellectual Property and Franchise-Business valuation from Griffith University in Queensland. He has conducted research in the field of professional finance and business, including his thesis paper, β€œAn Integrated Economic Model for the Evaluation of Franchise Systems – A Synthesis of Agency and Finance Theories.” In addition, he has been working at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia as an Executive Consultant DST Advisory and Lecturer in Small Business, Franchising, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing.

The biggest challenge that globalization has created is the issue of over saturation. There are simply too many businesses competing in the same markets these days. Everyone remembers the late 90s and early 2000s when businesses seemed to pop up overnight. Now, however, the idea of creating a startup in this globalized economy is not something that experts like Dr. Maurice Roussety encourage. Rather, other areas of industry are taking off once again. In particular, franchising has resurfaced as one of the most secure ways to become a business owner. This is true around the world. All developed nations that are vying for a spot in the global economy have created great markets to inspire more franchising.

In fact, according to Dr. Roussety, in Australia franchises generate revenues in excess of $144 billion annually and directly employ more than 46,000 Australians through over a thousand franchise systems. In the modern economy, it pays to partner with businesses that have resources. For more information about Maurice Antoine Roussety, visit his website today.

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