Maurice Roussety, A Role Model to Inspiring Entrepreneurs

The Exemplary life of Maurice Antoine Roussety

About Maurice Roussety, a great deal of information can be derived from his various articles. Dr. Roussety also uses the social media to voice his opinions. He is a well-known marketing and finance analyst and strategist. He is also known to have inspired many young minds with the help of his motivational speeches. Dr. Roussety has worked as a consultant with companies like IAG, Westpac, Optus, ACCC and Coles Myer to name a few. He is not only an academic expert, but he is a successful entrepreneur also.

Maurice Roussety, A New Franchising Model named Franchise Risk Imputation Model is a framework based on the two pillars of risk-free rate and total risk, which can be measured by adding up the market specific and company specific risks. Dr. Roussety’s PhD thesis deals with economic models in the field of franchising. He completed it from the Griffith University in Queensland and is soon to be launched. Dr. Roussety has aided many companies with their franchising requirements with his experience and academic records.

Dr. Roussety is an undergraduate in Economics from Monash University. He is a postgraduate in Business Administration and in Leadership from the University of New England in New South Wales. Dr. Maurice Roussety feels that franchising can be the face of business in the 21st century. New entrepreneurs, who lack their own resources and finances, can grab the lime light in the business world by holding the hand of a parent company. Being under the guidance of a parent company reduces the risk factors and broadens the scope of profit. The market is highly competitive and hence starting up a new business is highly risky.

Franchises get entitled to the resources and infrastructure of the parent organization and they can secure themselves firmly in the market. The franchises do not need to worry about market penetration as they can easily tap into the pre-existing customer base of their parent organization. The franchises can also use the reputation of their parent organization to retain the customers. When a customer is offered multiple choices for a particular service, in a particular area, most likely the customer will choose to go with a company that has a good reputation. The value of reputation is very precious in the business world, as it functions as the decisive factor in grabbing clients.

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