Maurice Roussety, Important Contributions to Changing Business Models

Intellectual Property

In 2015, Maurice Roussety was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) by Griffith University in Queensland, Australia for submitting a seminal thesis in Intellectual Property and Franchise Goodwill Valuation. His thesis titled- An Integrated Economic Model for the Evaluation of Franchise Systems- A Synthesis of Agency and Finance Theories, was supervised by pre-eminent Professors Lorelle Frazer and Evan Douglas. It proved to be a groundbreaking piece of research, which has awoken franchise experts across Australia to the possibilities of valuing franchises in light of recent legislation changes imposed by the Australian government in recent years.

Contributing to the debate over risk premium calculation, his doctoral dissertation successfully developed a framework for calculating agency costs in franchise arrangements and the calculation of risk premium, which is based on two cornerstones, namely a risk-free rate and total risk as measured by the sum of market specific and company specific risks.

Maurice Roussety has worked hard across the course of his illustrious career to build a reputation as one of the country’s most prolific business consultants, working with some of Australia’s premier brands. He is know  for his intellectual approach to conjuring business solutions, using advanced methodology and proven strategical systems. He is also a well known public speaker, specializing in a range of interesting business topics, on which he speaks with assurance, expertise and inspiration. His inspiring back story of growing up and the struggles he had to overcome to get to where he is today also provide and interesting sub plot to his compelling talks.

This cardinal premise is deeply rooted in on the inapplicability of modern portfolio-based risk models when valuing private companies and his petition for the alternative use of total beta. In that context, total risk is spread across five related ecological hierarchies and set in a multi-factor model that blends retrospective and prospective risk measures. It is imputed at different levels of the ecology by a weighted beta and is directly adjusted at the ‘true firm level’ for expectations, preferences, choices, and risk averseness. This breakthrough has allowed him to do what has been an unsurmountable task for scholars in the last thirty years- that is to provide a forensically sound methodology for valuing franchise goodwill. For Maurice Roussety, it is always important to continue research in the field of business and economics, to help respond to the changes made by governments to stabilize and grow economies. If you’d like to find out more, then visit the following page here at Maurice Roussety official account on YouTube.

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