Maurice Roussety, The Changing Role and Structures of 21st Century Franchises

Anyone with an eye on the developing world of business and economics would testify to the enormous change that the internet and globalization has brought to traditional business structures. Many long established companies, despite their success, are faced with having to adapt their processes and ideas to better integrate into 21st century markets. This could be through embracing new technologies, or changing business internal structures to reflect more diverse workforce and changing attitudes to traditional methods.

For Dr Maurice Roussety, Reaching New Heights in Business Consultation has become central to his expertise. He has built a reputation for being a strategical business experts, working with some of Australia’s largest private and public organizations. He is one such individual who in light of what has been mentioned above, focuses his attentions on understanding the effects of globalization on the traditional models of franchises. In doing so, he has helped businesses of the age reconsider what it means to be a franchise in the current global context of business and economics.

Maurice Roussety uses his years of experience in the world of business and commerce and strategic development to lecture, give keynotes, and training seminars on a wide range of business topics. One example of one of his most popular seminars is on the notion that the old models of franchises are dead!

He gives a 90-minute talk of the increasing popularity of on-line businesses and the demise of some big franchise brands and the reason for it. In the seminar, he explores the commonly held notion that traditional franchising models have reached a degenerative stage in their life cycle and offers credible articulate reasons that whilst this view might be true in some instances, it erroneously assumes that e-commerce is not franchisable and that it cannot co-exist with traditional bricks and mortar models. Maurice Roussety in this seminar, offers examples of how franchising theory can be leveraged to devise convergent growth models for the digital age of retailing. This is one talk that has proven to be a huge hit and a must for new and emerging franchisers, looking to get ahead in their markets. Maurice Roussety has much experience working with such companies, and helping elevate old businesses to 21st century platforms in which they can better meet developing customer demands and trends, and in doing so, ensure a prosperous future for them. To find out more about his keynote repertoire, then follow the link here to Maurice Roussety, Looks At Reasons To Franchise Your Business.

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